Midge Blue Quartz Vermeil Ring

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We love this beauty with its raw finishes and Art Deco inspiration! This pretty ring is adorned with a faceted blue quartz in a rounded shape. Encrusted in the gold of a fine, beautifully gilded ring, this abysmal colored quartz will soothe you and stimulate your spiritual awareness. This mineral with purifying and calming properties is rich in symbols; it will help you better control your negative emotions and make you more spontaneous. The benefits of its liberating energies on the body and the spirit will protect you from all the harmful waves! It was conceived thanks to the Vermeille process. This technique is an alloy of solid silver plated with gold. The gold plating is applied by an electrolysis technique called electroplating. Because of its composition in precious metals, vermeil is itself considered as a precious metal, it is therefore subject to the same regulations as for metals such as gold and silver. Ring in vermeil, 18 carat gold, set with a blue quartz, handmade in India



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18K vermeil faceted peridot/green cubic zirconia ring.
Made in India

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